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We are committed to and have a strategic approach to corporate responsibility. Within the tourism industry and the Abbey Group, our objective is to behave in a responsible manner with regard to our employees, our clients, environment and society. We recognise our social and environmental responsibilities by looking after the welfare and personal development of our employees and by monitoring that our clients are satisfied with the service we provide. We also respect the culture of the destinations in which we operate and strive to be environmentally aware by adopting appropriate policies and products. We actively try to increase the sustainability of the products we offer to our customers.

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Abbey Group Environmental Policy         

The Abbey Group is fully committed to protecting the environment. This commitment is reflected in our Environmental Policy and is shared by all management and staff in the company.  As part of our objective to prevent pollution and minimise waste, we will operate our business with consideration for the environment and habitats.  We will also provide the necessary resources to fully implement our environmental policy.

The following are the specific measures we will put in place to achieve our stated objectives:

  • Monitor our use of energy and natural resources with a view to reducing our requirements. 

  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation and maintain documentation to demonstrate compliance.

  • Demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement by setting targets and objectives for our products and Company activities and review these measures on a regular basis.

  • Maintain an open communication environment whereby all employees can actively participate in the environmental management system.

  • Provide the necessary information, instruction, supervision and training to enable all persons, affected by the Company undertakings, to carry out their environmental duties.

  • Choose suppliers and contractors that adopt best environmental practice.

  • Inform, motivate and encourage all Abbey stakeholders to play an active role and commitment to our Environmental Policy.


Our Environmental Policy is a major priority within our commitment to Abbey’s corporate social responsibility. We accept our business must be accountable for CO2 or Greenhouse Gas emissions. As a further measure to address the environmental challenges, we will add a financial contribution from our business to offset carbon emissions. This revenue will be channelled through an environmental charity.


Within our business we deal with a very large number of product suppliers. We will institute a communication programme, aimed at our suppliers, to encourage them in supporting our environmental objectives.


Our Company Environmental Policy will be reviewed on an on-going basis in accordance with our company procedures.